1. Education:
    Character-building in Education, Holistic Education, Learner-centered Education, Transformation in/for the New Curriculum- Kurikulum Merdeka Belajar, Pedagogy, Andragogy and Heutagogy, Multidisciplinary Paradigms in Educational Sciences (Educational Psychology, Educational Philosophy, etc), Multicultural Education, Inclusive Education, Professional Development (for teachers/lecturers), Innovation on Curriculum, Teaching-learning Process, and (assistive) Technology in Education, Issues in Educational Sciences including Disability in Education, Managing Education in the Digital Era, Quality Assurance in Education, Resiliency and Psychological Well-being education.  
  2. Culture and Linguistics:
    Archiving local knowledge, Reflective practice in art making process, Cultural policy and community, Film, media, and cultural transformation, Critical literacy and transformative social practice, Gender and religious identity, Indigenous studies, Discourse analysis, Corpus linguistics, Translation studies, Language ideology, Innovation in language teaching and learning, Equity-based language planning and language policy, Reflective practice in assessment and evaluation, Culturally responsive and anti-bias education. 
  3. Law:
    Human Rights Law, Corporate and Commercial Law, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, International Law, Corruption Law, Law of Intellectual Property (IP) and Information Technology, Labour and Employment Law, Environmental Law, Criminal Justice Policy and Law, Sharia Law, Adat Law. 
  4. STEM Education: Science, Technology, engineering, and mathematics education.